Waste Management

With Circular Economy in mind, In.Trade Building is able to design and manage the entire waste cycle, starting with sorting and separation, going through various treatments, up to the recycling of the main components (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass). The next step is the Production of Energy from both the organic fraction (anaerobic digestion) and the secondary solid fuel. The by-product of this process is the production of compost (aerobic), which comes as added value.

Environmental Recovery of Exhausted Quarries

The progressive development of the environmental protection needs has particularly interested the extractive industry and the concept of environmental recovery has gradually evolved over the years, until obtaining a conceptual model aimed not only at restoration, but also at the fruition and socio-cultural enhancement as well as, of course, geological territory. In this sector Building has developed expertise in transforming exhausted quarries in places that can be both environmentally and socially attractive, giving back life and enhancing landscapes.