History, competence and passion.

In.Trade Building is an engineering & building construction company, operating internationally as a GC and EPC, which derives from the partnership between Findo and Risorsa Uomo.

Findo is the financial hub of the Doneda family, an entrepreneurial group founded in the 1950’s and based in Italy. They specialized in the field of excavation, quarries and production of concrete. Its business grew progressively during the 80’s economic boom and during the 90’s. In the New Millenium they diversified and now operate in the financial, industrial, transport and real estate sectors.

Risorsa Uomo was set up during the early part of the New Millenuim to support the internationalization processes of large industrial groups. As the company grew and the management and organisational processes were implemented, they managed, simultan ously, to establish themselves in many foreign countries. The collaboration with universities and international companies has allowed Risorsa Uomo to consolidate its position, which has become integral, during the start-up phases, as well as in the consolidation phases in the aforementioned foreign countries.

In.Trade Building is the synthesis of the two core aspects of Findo and Risorsa Uomo. In essence, In.Trade provides large industrial groups with an internationally experienced and qualified operator in the building sector.